Trailblazing on Joppenbergh Mountain!

November 9, 2019

The WVLT teamed up with the Fats in the Cats Mountain Bike Club to build two new trails on Joppenbergh Mountain. We had a total of 17 volunteers attend our first trail building workday and we were able to get both new trails installed. We have temporary trail markers up so you can follow the new paths.

The Northern Loop Trail is blazed with red arrows and can be picked up after you pass below the power line right of way. This multi-use loop trail is about 3/4 mile long and the first official trail built in the northern section of the property. The trail does approach the boundary of the property at the northern end, so be sure to stay on the trail and not cross into the neighbor’s private land.

We have plans for more trails in the northern section of the property and will need to address the approach to this new trail as it passes below the power lines.

The Tailings Loop Trail is blazed with blue arrows and can be seen to the right as you head towards the power lines. This trail is only about 1,000 feet long and is designed for practicing mountain bike skills. There is a short spur to a lovely spot overlooking the Willow Kiln Parking Lot. We have plans for a bench to be installed in this spot. If you decide to walk out to the view, be mindful of mountain bikers practicing their skills.


If you want to get involved in building our new trails, email us!