WVLT March Instagram Posts You Might Have Missed

April 7, 2020

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Cara, our Coordinator of Land Stewardship shared with everyone her recipe for Garlic Mustard Pesto in our March Field Notes. Tried it? Share with us your results!

Cooking Invasives with Cara

Cara makes Garlic Mustard Pesto!

While WVLT is, as so many other nonprofits, are adhering to the federal CDC and NYS recommendations by working at home and greatly restricting any and all activities, we still must steward our lands and easements. Cara, our Coordinator of Land Stewardship has utilized the sunny days we are having to monitor.

Cara and a Beech Tree

Cara takes a break while monitoring to hang out with this huge Beech Tree!

Junior Naturalist Annabeth can teach you a thing or two!

Junior Naturalist Annabeth

While visiting the conservation easement Mill Brook Preserve with her dad, Junior Naturalist Annabeth identified a new “friend!”


Kiernan Farm Monitoring visit

While monitoring, Cara not only had a great view to enjoy, but she shared it with the Kiernan Farm cattle, and she found some amphibian eggs!