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May 1, 2020

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Rue Anemone in full bloom

Rue Anemone: Sometimes called the wind flower for the way it dances in the breeze














A carpet of forget-me-nots for your Saturday afternoon. …
These cute little blue to white flowers are native to temperate climates and can be found in wet soils. They are fed upon by the larva of butterflies and moths, making them an important part of the ecosystem.

Meet Mourning Doves

Have you heard and/or seen a Mourning Dove?

Jr. Naturalist Ben shares with us invasive

Ben shares his invasive species research

Invasive Species Week!

It’s National Invasive Species Awareness Week!

Local resident Tess Hogan found these bushes on Joppenbergh mountain and wrote us to ask what they were as she was interested in planting something similar. Sadly we had to admit they are Japanese Silverberry, aka Autumn Olive which is an invasive species that tends to block and outcompete native species. Therefore we could not recommend planting them.

The good news is there is a native Silverberry (Elaegnus commutata) which we recommend planting instead!

Invasive Species Week!

National Invasive Species Awareness Week! This herbaceous flowering plant, known as Greater Celandine, is in bloom along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail this week.

This invasive species is native to Eurasia and was likely brought to the US as a herbal remedy. The plant is poisonous to many mammals and will outcompete native plant species in disturbed areas. …
Greater Celandine can be easily removed by hand, but gloves should be worn as the sap is a skin irritant.

Meet Ava!

Meet Ava, our Junior Naturalist Explorer. At the grand age if 3 years old, Ava had a terrific time running, hopping, and spinning around while exploring the southernmost section of the WVRT. …
Her favorite moments included seeing butterflies, 2 bunnies, a horse, a deer, some cows, and a bunch of doggies. This was their first trip to mile marker 0.0.
Keep exploring the world Ava!

World Otter Day

Today we celebrate World Otter Day!
Area resident @paleopiper78 captured these videos and photos of a playful North American River Otter in the water at our conservation easement at @millbrookpreserve in New Paltz. …
River otters make their home by burrowing into the edge of the water and their favorite food are fish!
Have you seen the resident otters in Mill Brook Preserve?