Wallkill Valley Rail Trail- Improvement Work

October 14, 2020

When the Wallkill Valley Land Trust (WVLT), in partnership with Open Space Institute, completed a 4 year, $1.5 million restoration campaign for the Rosendale Trestle, opening the 940 foot long iconic structure to passive recreational use June 2013, we immediately wanted to improve the Rail Trail in Rosendale and Ulster, which WVLT owns and stewards to this day.

In December 2013, again in partnership with OSI, WVLT was awarded a $365,000 grant from NYS to improve the northern section of the Rail Trail. In 2017, the paperwork and various intricacies were ironed out, the initial scope of work had greatly expanded in order to address fully the needs to make a safe and enjoyable multi-use rail trail.

In 2018 WVLT partnered, once again, with OSI for a matching grant to support the initial grant application. The now $1.2 million project will not only make the Rail Trail “less muddy” but also improve road crossings, signage, safety measures and drainage needs.

Upon completion of this now two grant effort, the Rosendale and Ulster sections of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail will be wider, safer and more enjoyable for all.


Snapshots of the BEFORE and AFTER (we will continue to update this in the coming weeks)


Before and after construction images