The Pollinator Bookshelf: Nature’s Best Hope

February 18, 2022

The Pollinator Bookshelf is a new feature in Field Notes. Each month we’ll introduce different book and author. This month’s author is Doug Tallamy.


Doug Tallamy is a founder of the pollinator movement. His books and presentations have inspired people far and wide to support wildlife in their backyards and gardens. This month’s book selection by Doug Tallamy is Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard (2020)

Douglas Tallamy’s first book, Bringing Nature Home, awakened thousands of readers to an urgent situation: wildlife populations are in decline because the native plants they depend on are fast disappearing. His solution? Plant more natives. In this new book, Tallamy takes the next step and outlines his vision for a grassroots approach to conservation. Nature’s Best Hope shows how homeowners everywhere can turn their yards into conservation corridors that provide wildlife habitats. Because this approach relies on the initiatives of private individuals, it is immune from the whims of government policy. Even more important, it’s practical, effective, and easy—you will walk away with specific suggestions you can incorporate into your own yard.

If you’re concerned about doing something good for the environment, Nature’s Best Hope is the blueprint you need. By acting now, you can help preserve our precious wildlife—and the planet—for future generations.

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