preserving open space in ulster county
to benefit present and future generations

A Conservation Easement is:  a legal agreement between a willing landowner and a land trust that places permanent restrictions on the uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values.

What does that mean? By donating a Conservation Easement to a land trust, you are voluntarily giving up some of the rights related to the land. The restrictions run with the land in perpetuity, meaning future landowners must also follow the terms put in place by the Conservation Easement. For instance, a parcel could remain active farmland while prohibiting large structures, or the future location of a residential home with limits on size could be specified while also stating limits on land use which protect the important scenic, historical, and ecological values on the rest of the land.

Please contact WVLT with additional questions you may have, or to discuss putting a conservation easement on your property.