preserving open space in ulster county
to benefit present and future generations

Active Farmland, Town of Shawangunk

The Pastyik Land Preservation Agreement (Conservation Easement) protects 95 acres of hayfields, woods, and marsh in the Town of Shawangunk. This is a very special property that is located at the end of a road and includes a variety of healthy habitats. Valeria Pastyik donated this preservation agreement in 2007 because the values the land and the contribution it makes to maintaining the ecology in the area.

Schneller Easement, Town of Shawangunk

Eileen Schneller placed 7 acres of land in the Town of Shawangunk in a Conservation Easement in 2003. She and her late husband had purchased the property in the 1950’s. He studied the land’s biodiversity and managed the property to increase the variety of species it could support.