Explore Lichens on Joppenbergh Mountain with Lynn Bowdery - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Meet at Willow Kiln Park, behind the Rosendale Theatre

So what are lichens (pronounced: “lye-kens”), anyway?  Explore some lichens and lichen habitats on Joppenbergh with Lynn Bowdery.  Lynn has been studying the identification of some of the lichens common in our region.  She will share what she has learned about these intriguing creatures found on soil, rocks, and trees.  We might go off the paths depending on what we want to look at.  Wear suitable shoes, and bring a strong magnifier or loupe if you have one.  Some can be provided.  Rain cancels.

Lynn Bowdery has always been fascinated with the outdoor world, slowly learning about plants and animals by walking around looking at things, reading field guides, going on field trips, talking to people, reading magazine articles, looking things up, and generally paying attention. She has for many years done nature-oriented volunteer work for Mohonk Preserve and is a member and volunteer of the John Burroughs Natural History Society. Lynn served WVLT as Land Steward for 13 years, which enabled her to explore many wonderful conserved properties in the course of creating baseline documentation for conservation easements and monitoring those easements.