Field Trip to the Catskill Native Nursery - Thursday, August 18th at 10 AM

The Wallkill Valley Pollinator Pathway invites you to join us on a field trip to

Catskill Native Nursery on Thursday, August 18 at 10am

(Registration required, limit 20 people)

When it comes to nurseries, Catskill Native Nursery stands out among the crowd. They offer:

1) A truly unusual number of native plant species and plant types;

2) Beautiful on-site native plant gardens to wander through; and

3) Knowledgeable staff able to discuss native plants and ecologicallandscaping.


Please join us on this field trip for a talk by the nursery manager. We’ll discuss planting natives for pollinators along with other ecological landscaping topics followed by a Q&A.

Catskill Native Nursery has been inspiring gardeners since 1999 to create biodiverse and remarkably ornamental gardens using plants that are native to eastern North America.


Field Trip to Catskill Native Nursery

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