Planting a Pollinator Garden at the Gardiner Library - Friday, May 13, beginning at 11:00 am

The Wallkill Valley Pollinator Pathway has teamed up with the library to create a pollinator garden next to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. The new garden will provide valuable habitat for pollinators along the rail trail wildlife corridor. This spring a tarp, which is smothering a section of lawn, will be removed and native seedlings will be planted into the prepared ground. Once the new plants establish, the garden will start to attract pollinating insects such as butterflies and bees, moths, and beetles. Over the winter months, the standing dead plants will provide a home to overwintering pollinator larvae and cocoons. They will also attract birds foraging for seeds and overwintering insects. Join us for the planting or come and ask questions and take advantage of this opportunity to learn about pollinators and native plants. Rain date May 14.

For information on how to help, please contact Angela Sisson at