Saving Local Farms

Kiernan Farm

Saving Local Farms

We are losing farmland at an alarming rate in the United States – every hour 175 acres of farmland is lost forever. Protecting local farms supports jobs in agriculture, protects family farm businesses, ensures access to local food, provides education opportunities for younger generations and prevents excess development.

And if that wasn’t enough, protecting farmland also helps to restore our planet. Conserved, well-managed land supports wildlife and biodiversity, provides protection from natural disasters, such as floods and drought, while absorbing carbon and keeping it from the earth’s atmosphere.

That’s why we work with interested families to find ways to conserve their farms, ensuring working family farms forever. We currently protect 18 properties in active agricultural use as well as four farms with active Community Supported Agriculture programs. 

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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Ulster County by conserving lands of scenic, agricultural, ecological, recreational, and cultural significance.