Joppenbergh Mountain - Accessibility Trail Assessment

Access Trail/Link Trail (green) is the first trail encountered upon leaving the Willow Kiln parking lot. It serves as a connector trail to access the other trails at Joppenbergh Mountain. The trail surface type is made up of crushed stone and its length measures out to 0.70 miles. Tread obstacles that limit accessibility are loose gravel, and a moderately steep incline out of the parking lot. The average trail treadway width is 5.5 feet, the average trail corridor clearance is 5.6 feet, the maximum gradient is 8%, and the trail vertical clearance is 10+ feet throughout. There is a bench at the top of the slope for those who would like a seat before exploring more of the park. 

Buteo Trail (pink) is the easiest loop at Joppenbergh Mountain. This multi-use trail is suitable for Hiking, Trail Running, and Mountain Biking. For someone with accessibility needs this trail would be a good starting point at Joppenbergh. The trail is 1.02 miles long, made of Natural Earth/Soil/Rock, and begins with a bridge crossing off the Link Trail, just past the Tailings Loop which is a mountain bike skills practice area.  Tread obstacles include narrow pathways, a level bridge crossing, and moderate inclines with a maximum gradient of 12%. The average treadway width is 4.5 feet and the average trail corridor clearance is 6 feet, so it remains a nice, wide trail for most of the loop. The Trail Vertical Clearance is 10+ feet throughout. 

The Outcrop Trail (purple) can be accessed from the Link Trail by bearing left just past the Tailings Trail or from the midway point of the Buteo Trail. This trail is around 1.56 miles, made up of Natural Earth/Soil/Rock, and is moderately easy to traverse. The outcrop trail is called so for it’s unique geological features, with glacial erratics from the last ice age and bedrock ridges visible from the trail. It is a multi-use trail, available to both pedestrians and bicyclists. Treadobstacles that limit accessibility include tree roots, narrow pathways, rocks/rocky paths, and steep inclines or declines. Bog bridges help people traverse the wet areas of the trail. The average trail treadway width is 3 feet, the average corridor clearance is 4 feet, and the maximum gradient is 18%. The trail vertical clearance is 10+ feet throughout. 

Lookout Trail (yellow) is the crown jewel of Joppenbergh mountain, offering trail users amazing views of the Wallkill River, Rosendale Trestle, and the Shawangunk Ridge. It is 1.02 miles long and only accessible on foot, not MTB. Heading up the link trail from the Parking lot, the Lookout Loop will be on your left and features a quick climb up to the look-out before continuing to the summit of Joppenbergh Mountain at 482 feet. The trail is made up of Natural Earth/Soil/Rock and features several tread obstacles that limit accessibility: tree roots, loose gravel, ruts or openings in trail surfaces, steep inclines or declines, rocks/rocky paths, and narrow pathways.  The average treadway width is 4 feet, the average trail corridor clearance is 5.5 feet, the trail vertical clearance is 10+ feet throughout, and the maximum gradient is 28%. This trail is best suited for those who enjoy a moderate to strenuous hiking experience. If you have accessibility needs, please be aware that reaching the top may require a considerable amount of physical exertion. We encourage everyone to assess their abilities and comfort level before attempting this hike.

The Tailings Bike Trail (Blue) provides beginner mountain bikers with a designated area to sharpen their skills before heading out to explore the other trails at Joppenbergh Mountain. Gentle berms and skill-building features such as small drops encourage progression and confidence for those new to the sport. A wooden bench next to the bike area offers views overlooking Willow Kiln Park, so riders and hikers alike can pause and take in the scenery.  


  • Joppenbergh Mountain is open daily from dawn until dusk for use by the public.
  • Joppenbergh Mountain use is free of charge.
  • Joppenbergh Mountain is a Carry-in Carry-out park. Please take your trash with you.
  • Joppenbergh Mountain Trails are open for walking, hiking, running, snowshoeing, bicycle riding (but not on steep trails or trails to the summit), and cross-country skiing.
  • Dogs are allowed but must be leashed in accordance with Rosendale’s leash law.
  • Organized group activities – classes, field trips, games or races, acoustic music (consistent with town noise ordinances) and other performances, or other requested uses will be reviewed and may be approved on case by case basis by WVLT (this applies for organized group activities on Joppenbergh Mountain, this does not apply to Willow Kiln Park, which is leased to the Town of Rosendale).
  • Horseback riding on trails is currently by special permission only but is under consideration for future use.
  • Bow Hunting Policy on Joppenbergh Mountain

Other uses will only be allowed by specific permission of WVLT. 

  • NO SWIMMING – Swimming is NOT permitted anywhere on Joppenbergh Mountain.
  • NO ROCK CLIMBING, BOULDERING/ ROCK SCRAMBLING – the rock on Joppenbergh Mountain are unstable and are not safe for these activities at any time.
  • NO CAVING – Old mine entrances and passageways are unstable and unsafe for caving, entering these is prohibited.
  • NO CAMPING – Overnight use and camping are not permitted. Joppenbergh Mountain is open dawn to dusk and visitors must remain on the trails.
  • NO CAMPFIRES, COOKING FIRES BBQs, OR STOVES OF ANY KIND are permitted on the property.
  • NO FISHING, TRAPPING, OR ANY OTHER HUNTING ACTIVITY– unless specifically permitted by the Wallkill Valley Land Trust, Inc.
  • NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES PERMITTED – with the exception of access for maintenance by WVLT or priority approved WVLT partners/ volunteers, or for emergency services.

Please stay on the trails. Joppenbergh Mountain is known for ticks. Please check yourself carefully after visiting!

If there is an emergency, call the Town of Rosendale Police at (845)658-9000 or 911.


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