preserving open space in ulster county
to benefit present and future generations

If there is an emergency, call the Town of Rosendale Police at (845)658-9000 or Dial 911.

  1. Joppenbergh Mountain is open daily from dawn until dusk for use by the public.

  2. Joppenbergh Mountain use is free of charge.

  3. Joppenbergh Mountain is a Carry-in Carry-out park. Please take your trash with you.

  4. Joppenbergh Mountain Trails are open for walking, hiking, running, and snowshoeing, bicycle riding, and cross-country skiing.

  5. Dogs are allowed but must be leashed in accordance with Rosendale’s leash law.

  6. Organized group activities – classes, field trips, games or races, acoustic music (consistent with town noise ordinances) and other performances, or other requested uses will be reviewed and may be approved on case by case basis by WVLT (this applies for organized group activities on Joppenbergh Mountain, this does not apply to Willow Kiln Park, which is leased to the Town of Rosendale).

  7. Horseback riding on trails is currently by special permission only but is under consideration for future use.

Other uses will only be allowed by specific permission of the Wallkill Valley Land Trust.

  • NO SWIMMING – Swimming is NOT permitted anywhere on Joppenbergh Mountain.

  • NO ROCK CLIMBING, BOULDERING/ ROCK SCRAMBLING – the rock on Joppenbergh Mountain are unstable and are not safe for these activities at any time.

  • NO CAVING – Old mine entrances and passageways are unstable and unsafe for caving, entering these is prohibited.

  • NO CAMPING – Overnight use and camping are not permitted. Joppenbergh Mountain is open dawn to dusk and visitors must remain on the trails.

  • NO CAMPFIRES, COOKING FIRES BBQs, OR STOVES OF ANY KIND are permitted on the property.

  • NO FISHING, TRAPPING, OR ANY OTHER HUNTING ACTIVITY- unless specifically permitted by the Wallkill Valley Land Trust, Inc. (The WVLT will be instituting a Bow-Hunting by Permit Program as stated in the Land Use Plan in the future as resources are available. Until then, Hunting is NOT permitted on the property).

  • NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES PERMITTED - with the exception of access for maintenance by WVLT or priority approved WVLT partners/ volunteers, or for emergency services.

Please stay on the trails. Joppenbergh Mountain is known for ticks. Please check yourself carefully after visiting!