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The Wallkill Valley Pollinator Pathways team shares fun and interesting articles every month in our email Field Notes newsletter.

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November 2022: The Pollinator Bookshelf: Pollinators of Native Plants

October 2022: The Pollinator Bookshelf: Planting in a Post-Wild World

September 2022: The Pollinator Bookshelf: Designing Gardens with Flora of the American East by Carolyn Summers

August 2022: The Pollinator Bookshelf: The American Woodland Garden: Capturing the Spirit of the Deciduous Forest

July 2022: The Pollinator Bookshelf: Native Trees, Shrubs, & Vines

June 2022: The Pollinator Bookshelf: Garden Revolution by Larry Weaner

May 2022:The Pollinator Gardener: Pollinator Meadow in Gardiner

May 2022: Pollinator Bookshelf: The Pollinator Victory Garden

April 2022: The Pollinator Bookshelf: Attracting Native Pollinators

April 2022: The Pollinator Gardener – Spring Clean

March 2022: The Pollinator Gardener – Where to Buy Natives

March 2022: The Pollinator’s Bookshelf – Noah’s Garden by Sara Stein

February 2022: The Pollinator Gardener – Coping with Deer in Winter

February 2022: The Pollinator’s Bookshelf: Nature’s Best Hope by Doug Tallamy

January 2022: DEC Spring Seedling Sale


December 2021: Pollinator Garden at the Gardiner Library

August 2021: When Pollinator Gardens Naturalize

July 2021: Winter Sowing Produces Summer Plants for Pollinators

May 2021: No Mow May

Apr. 2021: My Pandemic Path to the Pollinator Pathway

Mar. 2021: Site Analysis for Pollinator Plantings- Part 2

Feb. 2021: Site Analysis for Pollinator Plantings- Part 1

Jan. 2021: Start Growing Now!


Dec. 2020: Holiday Feasts, Thanks to our Pollinator Friends

November 2020: Leave the Leaves for the Pollinators