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to benefit present and future generations

The Connector Trail is a safe way to travel up to the Rosendale Trestle and the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, from Main Street Rosendale, while avoiding the dangerous turn of Keator Avenue.

To access the Trestle using the Connector Trail From Town:

You can park in the Town of Rosendale, at the public parking lot behind the Rosendale Theater, and walk on the sidewalk towards the Trestle on Route 213. Turn onto Keator Ave Bridge (remaining on the sidewalk). Once you cross the Bridge, turn right before the Church and walk along the old Fairview Ave roadbed (this looks like a dirt road), along the Rondout Creek. Once you reach the base of the Trestle, you have reached your destination.

To access Town using the Connector Trail From the Trestle:

Park at the Binnewater Kiln Parking Lot. Travel along the Rail Trail towards the Trestle. Cross the Trestle. Once you reach the south end of the Trestle, you will see the Connector Trail to your right. Travel down the Connector Trail to where it ends at a dirt road. This is the old Fairview Ave roadbed. Travel to your right, remaining on the roadbed until you reach the Keator Ave Bridge. Cross the Bridge using the sidewalks and head into Town, using the sidewalks on Route 213.


  • Please do not park under the Trestle- the Connector Trail is not a parking area!
  • Please do not ride your bike up or down the Connector Trail. You can carry it up or down. The Connector Trail contains stone steps, and is NOT safe nor appropriate for bicycle riding.