WV Trail Moments Route


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Make a day of it and hit all the destinations in one go.

  • Ride, run or hike the fourteen miles from Gardiner to Rosendale, or vice versa, stopping along the way to take selfies and perhaps for a bit of sustenance at the Rail Trail Cafe, Water Street Market, or the Village of Gardiner. 
  • A car trip with short walks. Drive from Rosendale to Gardiner, or Gardiner to Rosendale. Take photos of yourself & the destinations; pause for lunch and amazing views.

Destinations 1-5

  • Park at the Trestle Lot on Binnewater Road and check out the Kilns. First walk right on the trail, aka south, and pass the old mines and admire the views from the Trestle Bridge, then head back north, past the parking lot, walk one mile to the Women’s Studio Workshop and a bit further to check out William’s lake. 
  • Park at Rockwell Road in Kingston and walk, bike, or run with a baby carriage/dogs (cats?), the five or so miles to William’s like and a 1/4 mile past that to the mural by Althea James at Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale for art-selfies.  Add on another mile for the kilns, mines and views from the Trestle Bridge. 

Dorsky Museum Installation  – Emilie Houssart, Dirtdoors 
at Nyquist – Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary in New Paltz

  • Take the rail-trail north to mile 8.5 onto 133 Huguenot Street. Artwork is located along the Wallkill River, past the Garden’s of Nutrition.
  • Park at the Free Municipal Parking lot at 53 Huguenot St in New Paltz and walk past the gardens of Nutrition along the Wallkill River (on your left) to see the installation.

Cronin Gallery Installation – Gardiner Library, Bel Falleiros – America (un)Known
133 Farmer’s Tpke, Gardiner 

    • Park at the DEC lot, run/bike/walk/horseback ride trail 5.5 miles to Gardiner. 
    • Park off Dusinberre Road and stroll just under 1 mile to Farmers Turnpike for the art installation.

* More parking information to come.